Ryan Gerber, Luthier

My name is Ryan Gerber, and I live in northeast Ohio.  I have been building acoustic steel strings guitars professionally since 2012.  What began as a hobby to take up spare time, quickly became an obsession from which I could not pull myself away.  I slaved away in basement workshops, giving my attention to the craft of building guitars, all the while doing my best to make each guitar better than the last.  

Building each guitar better than the last, will always be my goal.  Making guitars is a lifetime of learning, and I am grateful to be on that journey.  It is a worthy goal, a great challenge, and brings incredible fulfillment.  

I now build guitars in my workshop at home, with my two kids always begging to come in the shop and "see what I'm doing".  I hope to inspire great things in both of them, as they grow their little minds and bodies into creative beings.  For me, it really doesn't get any better than being able to join the family for breakfast, make my coffee, and then head into the shop for a good day of work. 

There are more guitar makers today than ever before.  The market is saturated with incredibly talented, devoted builders.  Each with their own spark of creativity, and voice speaking through their guitar.  It is my humble pursuit to add something unique and special to the world of handmade guitars.  

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