11/15/18 These two guitars have completed the construction process and are now ready for the finish. Here are the final “in the white” pictures before they get their first coats of sealer. Both have Macassar ebony back and sides and a Swiss moon spruce soundboard. One is an RL15, and the other is an RL15.5.

7/27/17  The first two Gerber guitars to hit the showroom of The North American Guitar in London, England, and both sold quickly!  One actually sold before it was completed, and the second lasted only a few days after this wonderful recording was made with master guitarist Mike Dawes.  Mike is a tremendous talent, and it's a joy to listen to him make such wonderful sounds with the guitar.  I'm thankful for the opportunity to partner with dealers like The North American Guitar.  

7/1/16 Videos are up of the three guitars which went to China recently.  Sam Pacetti was nice enough to give them a test drive.